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  • Manufactured by: John O'Neill

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CO-ENZYME Q10 150mg by John O'Neill

  • 60 x 150mg Capsules
  • Improves the heart and circulation in those with congestive heart failure, a weakened heart muscle (cardiomyopathy), high blood pressure, heart rhythm disorders, chest pain (angina).
  • Treats gum disease and maintains health gums and teeth.
  • Protects the nerves and may help slow Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease.
  • May help prevent cancer and heart disease, and play a role in slowing down age-related degenerative changes.
  • May improve the course of AIDS or cancer.
  • May Assist in the mitochondrial recovery from Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy
  • Improves energy production.
  • Promotes synthesis of ATP

John O'Neils CQ10- Helps convert food into energy at a very basic, cellular level and it is an antioxidant. CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) is one in a series of ubiquinones, naturally occurring compounds produced in nearly every cell of the body, and was discovered as recently as 1957. Doctors commonly prescribe CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10) to treat heart disease in Japan, Sweden, Italy, Canada, and other countries.

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