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  • Manufactured by: Conscious Foods

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Pura Veda Original

Pura Veda Original, a blend of nature is a wholesome and nutritious food source, filled with vitamins, minerals and essential omega 3s. Packed with wholesome unprocessed uncut seeds and ancient grains. Pura Veda is a tasty nutritious natural alternative to the commercial cereals found on the supermarket shelves. Sweetened with the natural goodness of sun dried raisins, Pura Veda contains no added sugars, salts or fats. It is free from preservatives, additives, flavourings and genetic modifications.


Pura Veda not only provides a great source of protein and fibre, it also helps to cleanse and revitalize our bodies. With the goodness of seeds nuts grains and fruit in conjunction with a nutritionally balanced diet Pura Veda will help optimize our life style.

Every serving of Pura Veda holds a world of natural unprocessed goodness.


Serving Suggestions

Pura Veda a blend of nature, is a nutritious food source of wholegrains seeds and raisins. It can be eaten on its own straight out of the packet as a handy nutritious snack, a sole breakfast cereal, combined into other breakfast cereals, or include Pura Veda in any meal for a natural fiber, vitamin and mineral boost to your day..


Muesli - Just add 50g of Pura Veda to milk, soy, juice or yoghurt.
Porridge - after cooking the oats, Sprinkle in 25g of Pura Veda.

Combination - Add as much Pura Veda as you like into your old cereal for extra Nutrition and Taste.

Burcher - Soak 50g of Pura Veda in Fresh fruit juice, Water, milk or soy, to create a delicious Burcher cereal.

Sprouted - soak in water for 6hrs + at room temperature, drain and rinse well, leave for 12hrs + consume as needed. Use the newly formed sprouted seeds in any of the above serving suggestions. The benefits of eating sprouted seeds and grains are incredible. seeds and grains are packed with nutrients once sprouted proteins, enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients increase, whilst the toxins and enzyme inhibitors surrounding the seeds and grains are reduced. This makes them not only better for us, but increases their digestibility. For the novice sprouted, there are now available sprouting containers that help in this process of sprouting and with the information provided with these containers they will show you the dos and do not's of sprouting.


Add Pura Veda into your baked treats, sprinkle it over your salads, and throw it into stir-fry's and quiches.
Include Pura Veda in any meal or eat it by itself for a natural fiber, vitamin and mineral boost to your day.
the Recipes page for handy cooking tips and great recipe ideas for the family. 




Buckwheat, sunflower kernels, raisins, sesame seeds, millet, pumpkin seeds, linseed, poppy seeds, chia seeds, amaranth

All natural

Packed with antioxidants

Gluten free

High in fibre

Wheat free

High in Omega 3

Yeast free

Low in salt

Nut free

Low in sugar

Preservative free

Whole grains

GM free

Easily digestible

Dairy free

Ayurvedic food

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